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Family Law and Mediation


Over 25 years experience as a Family Lawyer

We provide services in the following areas:

Family Law
Collaborative Separation & Divorce
Co-habitation and marriage agreements
Child and Spousal Support
Separation Agreements
Property Settlements
Child Protection
Custody and Access


Collaborative Practice & Mediation

A cooperative process for
proceeding with separation and divorce is set out under Collaborative Practice & Mediation


Summary Advice
Get answers quickly. For an initial consultation, we offer the first half hour without charge. Contact Us>


If you have children, go to parenting arrangements where you can get information on “Residency, Visitation, Guardianship” and more.


You might find it helpful to look at some financial arrangements.

Contact us if you want more information about drafting a Separation Agreement, doing your own divorce, or for support in healing from a separation or divorce.workshops.





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